Sativa Verte & Heidi Hanson Photo shoot

May 14, 2010 | by atkingdom

1 - Sativa Verte and Heidi Hanson

I arrive on set to the friendly smile of the beautiful Heidi Hanson. Up until our first meeting, our relationship had been primarily through internet communication and Twitter. Heidi had always been very supportive of Amateur Teen Kingdom. That’s because in general, Heidi Hanson is just a sweet person. But Heidi also has another reason for being supportive. Besides the fact that she is one of our most popular models on ATK Natural and Hairy, she is also part of Wet Dreamz Entertainment, one of most popular photographers on our network of sites.

1 - Heidi Hanson Natural and Hairy shoot

Besides this day being our first ever in-person meeting, the day is also unique because it marks the first time I also get to observe a shoot featuring the sexy Sativa Verte. Sativa is arguably one of our most popular models on the ATK Natural and Hairy site. If meeting Heidi Hanson and watching Sativa perform wasn’t enough, I later learn that I would also be seeing the first girl girl pairing between Sativa Verte and Heidi Hanson ever for ATK Natural and Hairy. Needless to say it was a special shoot.

1 - Heidi Hanson photo editing on set

After our initial meet and greet, Heidi Hanson goes into producer mode. Although she doesn’t do the actual photography for Wet Dreamz Entertainment, she is in charge of setting up the different locations, scenarios and the pacing for the shoot. If a question arises her partner needs only to shoot a quick look or ask Heidi and she has the answer. It’s clear that Heidi is very hands on and meticulous about her duties.

1 - Sativa ready for shooting

I notice that she carries around a yellow note pad with extensive notes so that she can properly organize the activities for the day. Ater only a few minutes, I conclude that her set is extemely well run and smooth. There never seems to be any confusion or wasted time on the set.

1 - Sativa Verte Nudism

Later on in the day the shooting moves outdoors…which presents another level of difficulties. It is late afternoon and the sunlight is unforgiving. Challenges like shadows and overblown exposure present themselves but Heidi and her partner handle the challenges smoothly.

1 - Sativa Naughty nurse naked

It also helps that today’s model is Sativa Verte. During the first set, I immediately observe that Sativa is extremely professional and easy to work with. Sativa in-person has an engaging, likeable and calming personality. That all translates accurately in her work. Her honesty shines through to her photos. Which isn’t neccessarily the case with some models.

1 - Sativa Verte Naughty Nurse

Throughout the shoot I observe that Sativa Verte is confident, open to any ideas and loves the process of modeling and performance. I am also…of course, taken by Sativa’s all natural beauty. Although I’ve personally known Sativa for some time now, it’s impressive to see her model and perform in person. I am not the only one who is impressed. Several times throughout the shoot Heidi and her partner are taken by Sativa’s energy and enthusiasm.

1 - Sativa Dildo

After several breathtaking and exciting solo shoots the time arrives for the lesbian photo shoot. I notice several times during the course of the day Sativa playfully flirting with Heidi. At one point she grazes Heidi’s breast and Sativa admits to a tingle. Heidi trys to maintain her professionalism but I catch her watching Sativa perform with excitment. There is definitely an excitement in the air which is palpable.

1 - Heidi Hanson undressing Sativa

Heidi and her partner decide to shoot the scene outdoors by the pool. They turn on the waterfall to enhance the visuals but I honestly barely notice. If two of our most popular and sexiest natural hairy models are about to do a hardcore girl girl scene I’m not going to be watching a silly waterfall.

1 - Sativa undressing Heidi Hanson

When Sativa and Heidi come out I realize the reason for the outdoor shoot in front of a pool. They are dressed in cute sailor outfits. I almost drop my phone in excitement. I take some quick photos for twitter and I’m bombarded by tweets from our followers who tweet their approval.

1 -Heidi and Sativa

After a few shots the costumes come quickly off. It’s clear Heidi and Sativa are excited to be working with each other. During the shoot the photographer pauses, but Sativa and Heidi continue to perform in enthusiasm. My camera flashes furiously trying to catch all the amazing footage.

1 - Heidi sucking on Sativa's breast

Heidi and Sativa instinctively move into a 69 position and it’s clear things are getting special. Heidi and Sativa enthusiastically go down on each other and briefly forget they are performing. Heidi’s partner and I continue shooting trying not to break their concentration, then Heidi finally comes to and decides to change position.

1 - Heidi Hanson Sativa 69

Heidi and Sativa sense the climax of the scene is coming and they decide to finish the scene with some deep kissing. They both start off with shy pecks and it eventually builds to some intense tongue kissing. They begin to get lost in the moment as Sativa wraps her legs around Heidi and they both begin to grind into each other.

1- Heidi licking Sativa's pussy

The photo set begins to reach it’s conclusion and the buzz begins to die down. I look at Heidi’s partner and smile. It’s clear we were witness to something intense and special. One only hopes that the energy translates to the photos. I sneak a peek at my shots and it’s obvious that it has. When the set is done Sativa and Heidi prepare for their next set. I walk over to Heidi to say goodbye. She gives me a naked hug and thanks me for coming. I smile in appreciation. It’s clear that the pleasure was all mine.

1 - Sativa Heidi Hanson Lesbian

These behind-the-scenes camera phone photos are just a low-resolution non-professional preview of the amazing content we have of Heidi Hanson and Sativa Verte. Don’t miss out on this and other exciting sets coming to ATK Natural and Hairy! Join ATK Natural and Hairy today!!!

1 - Sativa and Heidi Hanson prepping

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