5 Question Twitter Interview with Brooke Lee Adams AKA Anastasia

December 04, 2009 | by atkingdom

The other day I happily ran across the gorgeous Brooke Lee Adams over Twitter. Brooke who goes by the name of Anastasia on ATK Galleria is one of our all-time most popular models.

Anastasia has over 60 different photosets on the site.

As members of ATK Galleria know, they all have the opportunity to vote on how much they enjoy a particular photo set. For most models it’s considered very good if over half their sets recieve “hot” ratings. In order to achieve a hot rating, a model must achieve a possible score of 4.2 out of 5 stars with over 40 different votes from different members.

To put in perspective how popular she is….EVERY photo set of Brooke Lee Adams or “Anastasia” as she is called on the site has achieved a “hot” rating.

So I was very excited to have the opportunity to interview Anastasia through our 5 Question Twitter format since she is obviously much beloved by all our members.

Brooke Lee Adams Ass


Me: Today in our 5 question twitter interview we present the gorgeous and popular Brooke Lee Adams or Anastasia as she’s called on ATK Galleria. Anastasia has over 60 photosets on the site… and how many of her photo sets have earned a hot rating from members? EVERY SINGLE ONE… which is almost unheard of… needless to say it’s a real honor..and I want to thank her for participating in my silly experiment.

Brooke: Wow, every single one? That’s so cool! Thanks members for diggin’ my hoohaw! Come on now, ask me something dirty! ;)


Anastasia Naked

Question 1:

Me: K… Brooke wants me to start with something nasty so…. What’s the longest OFF-SCREEN sex session you’ve ever had & How many times did you cum?

Brooke: It was on a cruise and it was prolly two hourish. I came (cummed?) eight times.

Me: Holy…crap….dude or chick… must’ve been Hercules….or Wonder Woman…

Brooke: Dude and he is amazing (smile emoticon) and for those who are wondering, yes, it was with showerbuddy (wink emoticon) (Showerbuddy = Brooke’s partner)

Anastasia with glasses

Question 2:

Me: Interesting u should bring him up, my next question is what is the best advice you can give to someone who wants to date an adult performer?

Brooke: Be honest. Don’t lie about what you are doing, feeling, etc. Because your “job” effects both your, and their health. You have to be a strong person and secure in yourself first. Otherwise you’ll become jealous etc. I would give the same advice to a person becoming a perfomer. Too many girls cannot compartmentalize work and home. There is porn which is “work” and sex which is for you and your partner.



Question 3:

Me: Who are your biggest inspirations or favorite people to work with in the industry and why?

Brooke: My fav people to work for are Adam and Eve and newly, Girlfriend Films. Kink by far most professional company. David Crawford is my fav director. Love his crew. My favorite perfomers are James Deen, Christian, Gracie Glam, and India Summers.

Me: Yay!!! Gracie Glam! I actually just covered her shoot for our site, she was sweet…I was really shy (link to my article) http://bit.ly/5fnUtg

Brooke: I loooove Gracie Glam. She’s a fabulous perfomer and an even better friend…although, Gracie Glam makes fun of the way I speak/converse/talk . (wink emoticon)


Brooke Lee Adams Doggy Style

Question 4:

Me: What or who do you usually think about when you masturbate?

Brooke: I usually use previous sexual experience. I also use scenarios in my mind more than people.

Me: Thanks for the honest answer…from my experience most girls think that way when they masturbate…Guys..not so much LOL!


Brooke Lee Adams sexy

Final Question:

Me: How has the industry changed you…. for the better?

Brooke: It has changed me. Both for good and some for bad. The best part is it has made me very open and tolerant of all types of folk..

Me: Sorry I’m cheating with the extra question… but how has it changed you for the bad?

Brooke: The bad… I’m much more cynical now. I’ve also lost a good friend who is in the industry over stupid things. That saddens me.

Me: Awww..sorry to end on a downer. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this interview. Everyone should follow the twitter adventures of Brooke at http://twitter.com/Brookeleeadams I just met her over twitter & all our interactions have been fun & sweet! Brooke also has a blog at http://brookeleeadams.blogspot.com/ Do you want to say anything in closing?

Brooke: Hmmm… I’m thinking ATK needs a girl/girl scene of Gracie Glam and I. I also know a great company to shoot it (wink emoticon) Oh and P.S. Check www.dirtylittleme.com Its my site and it’s pretty awesome (wink emoticon)

Anastasia sexy

As I mentioned earlier Brooke or “Anastasia” as she’s known on the site has tons of content on ATK Galleria! Over 60 photo sets including toys, hardcore and solos. She also has 19 amateur style videos in ATK Galleria. Don’t miss out on all the fun! Join Today!!!

Anastasia panties

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